How To Install FenceArt

1. Unroll your FenceArt and lay it face down. Wait until all of the edges lie flat.
2. Attach the velcro strips to the 6 positions, the soft side of the velcro should be attached to the art. Make sure the velcro does not go over the edges of the art.
3. Position your FenceArt in your choice of location and align using a level.
4. Mark all four corners of your FenceArt placement with a pencil.
5. When attaching to a wood surface, sand a 2” area that is located 1/8th inch inside each corner and wipe clean. Any other surfaces should not be sanded, but need to be thoroughly cleaned and dried.
6. Remove the fence-side velcro backing of the top right corner of your art and align with your mounting marks, attach by applying moderate pressure. Please avoid touching the adhesive.
7. Gently pull your FenceArt across the top and attach the left corner.
8. Sand and wipe behind the velcro in the middle of the art. Remove the fence-side backing and attach by applying moderate pressure.
9. Repeat the same process to both the right and left hand sides at the bottom of the art.
10. Give each velcro strip a final touch of pressure to ensure it adheres properly.
11. It’s time to sit back and enjoy!